The Suzuki Method

…or Talent Education, was formulated by Shinichi Suzuki, son of the first Japanese violin-maker.  While studying violin in Berlin and struggling to learn the German language, Dr. Suzuki had the first ideas that led to the development of his mother tongue theory.  He noted that children all over the world learn to speak their mother tongue with ease. 

Suzuki felt that the same steps involved in language learning:

-Daily listening followed by imitation,

-Constant repetition, and

-Praise and encouragement

carried out in a positive environment could be applied to the learning of music.  Suzuki children learn in an atmosphere of encouragement and stimulation – created by the Suzuki teacher – and fostered at home by the Suzuki parent.

The Suzuki approach seeks to develop the whole child and to help unfold his/her natural potential to learn and become a good and happy person.  The purpose of Suzuki training is not to only produce great artists, but to help every child find the joy that comes through music-making.

(excerpted from various Suzuki publications)

For more information visit:     www.suzukiassociation.org